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Amy Santoro


Amy Santoro has worked as a forensic scientist for 16 years, with experience both as a crime scene investigator and laboratory analyst. She holds three International Association for Identification (IAI) certifications; Certified Bloodstain Pattern Analyst (CBPA), Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst (CSCSA), and Certified Forensic Photographer (CFPh). 


She is a PhD candidate completing research in the area of error rates in bloodstain pattern classification. She holds a Master of Science in Forensic Science as well as a Bachelor of Science in Forensics. 

Amy is a qualified expert in crime scene investigation and reconstruction, bloodstain pattern analysis, shooting incident reconstruction, and biological screening. She has investigated over 1000 cases, including more than 500 crime scenes.


She has taught hundreds of law enforcement and forensic professionals nationwide and has designed and instructed undergraduate and graduate forensic science courses at several accredited universities. 

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